My Software / Hackathon Projects

July 2020


An Progressive Web App that spices up the way programmers date and meet online. It matches users that swipe right on each other and forces them to communicate with a catch: by running custom created Scheme (a functional programming language) code to be displayed/played on the other end.

It’s basically as if Snapchat and Tinder had a baby.

July 2020


A Netflix clone web application built using React and Firebase to replicate the Netflix user-interface. The data is fetched from TMDB API.

This is not a product of Netflix nor a , and has just been built as a personal project.

July 2020

COVID-19 Tracker

This project is a web application build for tracking COVID-19 cases, recovery and deaths. It is built using React and Firebase. The data is fetched from


July 2020


This was a hackathon project which targeted the space theme. Epl0re.Space is an educative platform where you can play with orbital data and simulations. We used Unity to build our gravity physics scripts, and we used Unity to make the game and the simulation and then exported it to WebGL.
We also used React to make the web app which allows you to easily navigate our fresh orbital data.

June 2020


CERNSpace is an application that allows a team working remotely on a highly-complex project to share their computational resources. CERNSpace was built for projects such as quantum physics or mathematics based research where multiple servers can combine to efficiently model intricate systems.

June 2020


Going back to our primary school days, inspired by a game called Exquisite Corpse, we created Quadoodle as a hackathon project. Players take turns drawing their quadrant of the image, with only the very edges of the other quadrants visible. When everyone is done, the masterpiece is revealed! Its a fun easy way to play some funny games online with your friends or strangers! Draw a quadrant of a drawing and align with others to create a hilarious image!

June 2020

Flex Clinic

A mobile app built for a hackathon that aims to reduce the burden on the medical industry during the COVID pandemic. It does this by offering exercises one can do for aches and pains. We believe this is a helpful app because at home it’s easy to stay in bed all day and not stretch, so pains are expected. Our physiotherapy platform, FlexClinic, helps people stay active and healthy during this quarantine. We provide various exercises, stretches, and routines to keep people fit and relaxed. Our machine learning algorithm detects key points on the user’s body and guides the user through exercise sessions.

June 2020


A hackathon project which inspired by struggles that many people stuck at home are facing while cooped up in their own house. We know a lot more people are getting into fitness so we decided to make an app so people could do it safely!

Your personal gym trainer this app!

MAY 2020


A WebApp that shows you local projects and foundations that you can donate to, in your area or generally, and allows you to send money to help the charitable cause to fight COVID-19.

May 2020


This was my first hackathon project. A web-app that shows you positive news and impacts and lets you to contribute to them. The app filters out negative news and brings in the positivity around you.